Isolation series

Good afternoon to everyone who reads my tiny blog, which I haven’t updated, it’s been a while.

I had a weird couple of months, as everyone had, I’d think, they were tough, funny, stressful,
full of talking, trying to build something new, sports, family, ideas…So I decided to write a couple of posts about last six months of my life.

As I mentioned somewhere before, Tim and I, we were stuck in Georgia, stuck because – well, the borders closed when we arrived and they did not open until August the 1st.
It is my home country, so of course it is not a bad place to be stuck in, we have incredible nature, great food, great wine (by the way, did you know that Georgia is the cradle of wine?)
I spent time with my family, I never have enough time to be there, as I always travel.

So since it was very unusual experience and very special, I thought I could write it down to have it at least as a memory.

It all started in Brazil when whole tennis tour got cancelled in a blink of an eye.
Tim and I, we tried to find the best way to travel either to his home country (Germany) or to mine. Well, at first we decided that I would go see my family for a little bit and he would go home. Also because in the 21st century it is still a luxury to stay in different countries as you wish and the regulation of 90 days in Europe is always in my way (funny isn’t it? Humanity achieved so much, but a person can not live wherever he wants with his own income, by the way, while paying all the taxes, because it is illegal to spend 92 days somewhere instead of 90). We booked out flights and were ready to go, but the plans changed in 3 minutes, after Tim’s flight to Germany got cancelled, so he had to buy a very last minute flight to Georgia and fly with me -that did not upset me at all 🙂
The adventures of the travel started right in the airport, when Turkish Airlines did not want to let Tim board on the plane, they claimed Turkey closed its borders for the German citizens and since he has German passport, he can not transit via Turkey. Obviously it got us stressed, as all the flights to Europe were cancelled and now he could not even board a plane to come to Georgia with me, but thanks God I am a Gold member of “star alliance” and -well, their service and help is something that I admire always, while traveling with them. So they were kind enough to listen to me, while I said whole trip that Tim
and I did since January, telling them that he was not even in Germany for two months, and he could clearly transit as he was not residing in a risk country for a good deal of time. Luckily they boarded him, our 10 hour flight to Istanbul airport was perfect, we got a bit calmer, we had to have a 2 hours layover and then home, but our next flight got cancelled so we had to sit in the airport of Istanbul for another 12 hours.
Next morning we flew to Georgia and I thought we are finally home, but not so easy…
Tim was almost deported back to Turkey, again for his German passport (thing that I thought never could happen, German in trouble for his passport), anyway it took around an hour to explain to everyone that he was with me for the last two months, that we haven’t been to Europe or any risk country at that moment, that we were willing to even go to quarantine if they wanted us to..In the end a very kind policeman, who accidentally knew that I was a tennis player and was kind enough to listen to the whole story about the travel and everything let us in and so our isolation in Georgia started.
First two week we had to stay in self Isolation, we did not want to put my parents at risk and we stayed in my sister’s apartment, which is nice, but small, with no balcony so just sitting home for 14 days is not the thing. We had 11 active Covid19 cases in Georgia, when country decided to lock down and act like we are all gonna die for sure, so we entered and that was it. Honestly we thought that all this would go on for maximum a month and then we would be able to travel to Germany. While we were in the lockdown for 14 days, we worked out 3 hours a day to kill time, we registered on courses and certifications, I created a petition for tennis players, we cooked and actually it was not that bad, after 14 days we moved to my parents as I haven’t seen them for a while and my mom recently had a heart surgery, so we wanted to be around. We were happy to go out from self isolation as we thought we could at least go for a run or for a walk now, but of course that did not happen 🙂 Georgia went to house arrest once we finished our self isolation time, we could go out for groceries, were not allowed to walk around as we pleased, could not leave the house for any reason after 8pm and our couple house arrest slid down to family house arrest. Well as a person who is outdoors most of the day, for last 20 years, does sport 6-8 hours a day, travels every week and is always active, house arrest is not an easy thing to do and I went to many phases of it, I will try to describe all of them in my later posts and I would be happy to hear what you experienced; also I understand that conditions were different in every country, so I will try to describe how our country managed the stress and how it did go.
Hopefully we will pass this test very soon and I hope our world will go back to normal, as for now we should learn how to live in the new world order.
Now I am back in Germany with Tim, and also getting here was a good adventure, but I will write about that travel in the other blog post of my Covid19 blog post series.
Stay in touch and lets share what we experience together.
Have a great day and a productive week.

ავტორი: Sofia Shapatava

I am tennis player, who travels the world. I want to share stories about my personal experiences, travels and a lot of other things. I have a lot to share and I am willing to share. I want to write the ugly and pretty things that happened to me along the way, throughout of my ten year travels and my life in general. Hope it will be fun. :)

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