Thoughts out loud…


I remember very first time I saw “Vatican” from far.

It took my breath away, since childhood it was all I ever wanted to see in the world. That was the only place I wanted to travel to.

Ever since I could read anything about Roman empire, ever since I could read and look up something about Italy. This was the destination I wanted to visit someday.

I wanted to see “COLOSSEO” the mighty arena and “Vatican”, visit the museum and see Saint Peter’s square.

Till today it stays my favorite, no matter how many countries I travel to and how many beautiful things I see. I always find my peace there, even though it is usually very crowded. I love the smell of this place, the mightiness of this place, the history of this place and the power of this place.

It is so sad to see the Pope standing alone in Saint Peter’s square, in completely empty and haunted Saint Peter’s square, where people traveled and gathered from all over the world to pray and ask for forgiveness, to come and cry and spill their problems, to find answers to their questions.

The place of incredible hope and relief… now so empty.

This photo is very sad and disturbing.

Faith saved the world so many times and for so many centuries, faith and hope brought people through wars and diseases, dragged them through thick and thin and it just doesn’t get to my brain, that now this holy place is so empty…

Maybe it is for good and it is right, maybe not, unfortunately we stepped in the time where we don’t know what happens next…

All I know is, now that I witnessed times, when the Pope is standing alone and preaching in an empty square, I am scared, not of the disease, not of any other every day news topic, I am just scared what might be next, what happens after..As I haven’t seen anything so unnatural (for me personally) in my life. Nothing felt more weird than seeing this scene… And I am truly scared of what is coming next…

Have a great day everyone, never lose faith and hope. As this is what stays till the very end and it makes miracles.

ავტორი: Sofia Shapatava

I am tennis player, who travels the world. I want to share stories about my personal experiences, travels and a lot of other things. I have a lot to share and I am willing to share. I want to write the ugly and pretty things that happened to me along the way, throughout of my ten year travels and my life in general. Hope it will be fun. :)

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