It is weird to watch what is going on in our world right now…

Things are looking like a movie scene, with presidents ending their speeches to citizens by the sentence “May god be with us”, well at least that was the speech of Brazilian president I listened to while I was still there.

As we entered new year and global pandemic,there has not been much going on on tennis tour, it was number of canceled tournaments and players were trying to bounce back and try to go to places which were least likely to be canceled, well at least players like me, who are not that much in a panic for a new virus.

Honestly I felt better playing, even with the risk of getting sick, then by sitting home,

not because I am volunteering to get ill, or I want to, but just simply because the negativity that is going through people is far worse then any pandemic. Panic, negativity, some people even make up lies to sound more dramatic, all this is drastically dragging everyone down.

And I honestly prefer the risk of catching a virus, then depression caused by other people.

Self isolation can be good, sometimes it is even necessary, it is really not that bad, you can read a lot, self educate, meditate, listen to music, paint, dance, cook, have finally meaningful conversations with your loved ones, it can be good really, if people make it good.

Sitting day and night on social media and spreading negative information is not the type of self isolation people should strive to, at least I think so. But somehow that is what majority do…

Even more so, I experience massive shit storm every time I try to joke or be positive, and even point out that nobody canceled other problems of the world and we should also talk and think about it too.

Media coverage of corona virus in numbers is beating every single topic, even before it was pandemic and it was hardly out of China, the number of mentions of it in TV was almost a billion. And part of this global panic is this… When was the last time you hear about people dead in Syria, or children hungry in Africa, or global warming? Do you think numbers of death is lower there, just because nobody talks about it now? anyway…

I want you to understand me right, I am not saying virus is not bad, it is in fact bad and very bad, but it is way more dangerous what media can do to people. And now is the bright example of it. Unfortunate truth is,not many of us start our morning with reading, or listening to music anymore, or running, most of the people start their morning by checking social media, and social media was happy to spread negativity as usual. News never cover that much of the good stories, we always hear everything bad, then most of the people share negative status updates and so on, and so on.

So yes virus is bad, but what followed by is way more scary then virus. For me personally.

Yesterday I was going through numbers on various web sites, and went through many news and researches, then I scrolled through social media for hours, one thing that never left my mind is, everyone shares how many people are infected and how many died, nobody, I did not find any single update (yesterday anyway) that says how many people recovered, you don’t even need to dig into it or be a genius to find that out. “WHO” has the track on the web site, 42% of people who faced the virus already recovered, whilst 93% of the cases are mild, and yes 7% is critical and 7500 deaths is horrible as well, but how great is the number of recovered people already. That means this virus also passes by as quickly as it spreads. But I don’t really think that information is of anyone’s interest actually.

I made my tiny experiment with my tiny social media platform. I posted negative news, on not such a great time for popularity on social, it was middle of the night. I was on the way home and I heard very irresponsible dialogue, so I shared a status update. People were glad to like it over 200 times, share it over 20, and me talking bad about some guy I don’t know, was posted in 5 Georgian web news papers. Without even having my permission, they just posted my status update. So much for sharing one quite negative status update.

Yesterday, at exactly same time of the night I shared a positive status update of the good numbers of Corona virus, of how many people recovered and how fast they recovered, I had 6 likes hardly on the post and 0 shares, 3 likes out of that 6 were my family members. This is how negative information works against positive on social media. Not only now, it is like this every single time.

While I am typing this, I already know that after posting it I will receive negative comments, and listen to how irresponsible I am, and instead of trying to make people aware that they should not panic and probably most likely they will be fine, and we gotta prepare but stay happy, I should post the number of how many people die and maybe run to the closest store to get some toilet paper, for whatever reason….Cause well, that is something I should do, for majority of people. That is somehow right thing to do now…

Well I do not want to.

I do not plan to.

Especially now that I am sitting home.

It has been a while I am part of 6 am club, I love how productive day gets when you wake up early. How many things are done when you are up, while it is still very quiet. So even in self isolation my new-old rule is not gonna break, I am up at 6 am daily, doing my daily yoga, get the household boring things done, read my mandatory number of pages, wright down some stuff.

I actually figured out couple of things I always wanted to do, but never had time to do them, apart from the fact that I am very worried about my income, and what will be after the world will come out of shut down, I really feel positive about this lock, I read and wrote more things in three days then I did in a month. If you even risk to turn off your social media for couple of hours, you get a distant view of other people. That is also one great thing. I have planned working out every day, cause well I do have to be in some sort of shape, but apart from that I am glad to have extra hours, where I can increase my minutes of meditation, yoga, reading, and just reflecting.

So I am in complete state of stillness, which is very weird for me, I am always moving very fast and many things happen in my life and I usually overdo and I am very high on energy, and I do and plan and worry and move and all of this, so this still, quiet, reflecting, aware lifestyle is very strange for me, very interesting at the same time. I do enjoy it a good bit.

And as long as we have to go through this, we will be isolating for a while, I will say no – to sharing negatives and fall to fear of this cursed pandemic, and I will always encourage people to stop being scared and live a little, cause we actually live a little and time spent on negativity and fear is not good, no matter what.

So… to make this short and stop being boring to you…

The virus is not great, majority struggles, and not from sickness, but mostly because majority of the people live from pay check to pay check including me and everyone is super stressed about it. But, we still have each other, we can go through everything, god created us strong, lock down can be good if you wish to self explore, educate and say no to negativity, so wash your hands, stay on distance, please don’t cough at someone if you are feeling sick (not that you should do it without pandemic too).

Read a lot, sing, dance, paint, cook, work out, watch a movie, spend some quality time with your family, do whatever you want to do and never had time to do it, stay healthy and please stay positive. Everything works out eventually, we will get through this, one step is good enough.

Peace peoples! ❤

ავტორი: Sofia Shapatava

I am tennis player, who travels the world. I want to share stories about my personal experiences, travels and a lot of other things. I have a lot to share and I am willing to share. I want to write the ugly and pretty things that happened to me along the way, throughout of my ten year travels and my life in general. Hope it will be fun. :)

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