How much does it usually take you to pack? What do you pack?

My average packing time is between 15 to 25 minutes, depending on the length of the trip I take. It is so professionalized that I sometimes don’t think what I put in the suitcase, but somehow I always have everything I need. I also hate to do it very much and hate travel days.

It is also disaster cause most air companies have 20-23 kilos of weight allowance and honestly it is almost impossible to fit everything you need on tour in that allowance, also there is tennis bag, which is light and should be on board cause rackets are fragile and you need them to be safe, and you go to this every week fight ( lady I fly every week and I guarantee that the bag fits in the overhead locker).

The mental fight between “Do I need one more dress with me or I am an athlete so I need one more practice outfit” or “Do I take high heels or one more sneakers?”

So what do I pack?

Match outfits: Dresses, Shorts, T-shirts. 10-12 outfits.

If it is cold on a match day: 3- long sleeve playing t-shirts.

Practice clothes: 15 t-shirts, 10-shorts, 5- leggings, warm up jacket, warm up pants.

Warm sports clothes: 3- pants, 3-hoodies.

25- pairs of socks,

15- underpants,




5-sweat bands.

3- pairs of going out pants(because we also go to eat)

3- sweaters,

5 going out t-shirts.


1 pair of casual flat sneakers to walk.

1 pair of high heel shoes.

1 pair of running shoes.

2 pairs of tennis shoes.(maybe more)

Vitamins, protein shake, medicine and etc…

Work out bands, suspension trainers.

2-3 books (optional)

Block note.

Manual espresso maker (plus coffee)

Mini shaker

Bathroom belongings (toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo, conditioner, body lotion, hair spray, deodorant, night cream, day cream, moisturizer, scrub, masks, lip balm, q-tips)

Cosmetics (make up)

Hair comb.




External charger.

2 hand bags (for going out)

That’s all, and it sounds like a lot. I know… but I am sometimes traveling for 2-3 month in a row and this is very little stuff and also women will understand how limited is to have 5 outfits to change, when you are eating out every evening. Not talking about any extra event that may occur.

And every time we have conversation about traveling, we tell each other weird stories of the fights we had in airports.

I do thing there should be some sort of exception for athletes in the rules of flying or traveling.

Because honestly this is the most unpleasant part of our travels. Again I am not talking about high class athletes who can afford business class all the time or private jets, I am talking about middle class tennis players, who actually are quiet good at what they do, not top, but pretty good and can not afford anything higher then economy class.

Why I touched this subject now?

Well we just moved out from the apartment and did a lot of packing and I start new season in a week, so in four days I have to pack up to travel again and honestly that’s all that is in my head right now. Pack, unpack, practice, repeat and somehow stay sane…

As for you, have a great week to whoever reads this.

ავტორი: Sofia Shapatava

I am tennis player, who travels the world. I want to share stories about my personal experiences, travels and a lot of other things. I have a lot to share and I am willing to share. I want to write the ugly and pretty things that happened to me along the way, throughout of my ten year travels and my life in general. Hope it will be fun. :)

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